Application for Environmental Authorisation

Application for Environmental Authorisation in terms of NEMA incorporating liaison with national and provincial Departments of Environmental Affairs to confirm their requirements and undertaking the process described in the EIA Regulations, 2010. Activities include engaging stakeholders, promoting public awareness and participation, public meetings and coordinating specialist inputs as necessary and preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment Reports that are required in support of the application for Environmental Authorisation, viz a Basic Assessment Reports or Scoping and Environmental Impact Reports.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Terreco Environmental cc undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for a wide range of small, medium and large-scale development projects for the public and private sector in Southern Africa. The scope of projects we have conducted EIAs for include new road and road upgrading schemes, bulk water and sanitation supply schemes, township developments, landfill site developments, wastewater treatment works, cemetery developments, eco-tourism projects, power generation to mining and large-scale development proposals.

We have experience of undertaking EIAs in accordance with South African legislation as well as other nationality legislation and major international funding requirements (e.g. World Bank and EU). We pride ourselves on upholding the best practice principles of EIA and ensuring that our EIAs are undertaken in a balanced and objective manner and to facilitate as smooth decision-making processes as possible.

Some of our current clients for EIA projects include: South African National Roads Agency (SOC) Limited; South African National Biodiversity Institute; Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works; PG Bison; Worley Parsons; CBM Africa Consulting Engineers; Eyethu Engineers; UWP Consulting Engineers, Hatch Goba Group and Sinakho Consulting.

Preparation of Environmental Management Programmes

Preparation of Environmental Management Programmes containing mitigation measures for construction and the operation of the given project for inclusion with applications for Environmental Authorisation or for independent use to promote environmental best practice.

Environmental Construction Auditing and Reporting

Terreco Environmental cc provides independent Construction Auditing or ‘Environmental Control Officer (ECO) services for the duration of construction project for small, medium and large scale developments. This is typically a legal requirement for development projects that have required prior Environmental Authorisation, permitting or licensing in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998, the National Environmental Management Waste Act 59 of 2008 and/or the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 28 of 2002. Our aim is to provide an independent service to monitor and report on compliance with the conditions of authorisations/permits/licenses and to guide the implementation of mitigation measures during and after construction activities as appropriate. Some of our ECO projects have evolved from pure monitoring and auditing construction activities to providing assistance with resolving compliance or unexpected issues that have developed.

Some of our current ECO projects include: N2 Rehabilitation between Coega and the Colchester Intersection; Coffee Bay to Zithulele Road Upgrade; Mgwali South Bulk Water Supply (Phase 1); Ntafufu River Tourism Site Upgrade; Ramohlakoana Sewer Reticulation; Alice Town Regeneration Projects; and Gonubie Main Road Upgrade.

Preparing method statements, providing assistance with setting up a basic management framework for the site and providing environmental awareness training.

Application for Borrow Pit Permits and Mining Rights in terms of MPRDA

Terreco Environmental cc has extensive experience in the application processes for Prospecting permits, Mining Permits and Mining Right Applications. All prospecting, material investigations and mining must be conducted within the legal requirements of the various Acts, Ordinances, Regulations and Bylaws. Before any such activities may commence they must be approved by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) following a detailed application process. The approval is issued in accordance with the requirements of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act 28 0f 2002)

Applications for Water Use Licences in terms of NWA including liaison with representatives from Department of Water Affairs (DWA), the coordination of specialists typically required and the completion of application forms for submission to DWA.

We provide guidance and assistance with responding to any ‘non-compliance’ notifications issued by environmental authorities for the ‘unlawful’ use of water resources, establishment and/or use of waste services or other construction activities that may have trigger permitting requirements. We will coordinate and facilitate the processes required by the environmental authorities once a ‘non-compliance or unlawful use’.  This may include: liaising with the environmental authorities to confirm the way forward; completing the necessary forms for submission, coordinating other specialist inputs as may be required; preparing environmental impact assessments; and preparing environmental management or rehabilitation plans.

Waste Management Planning

Waste Management Planning including site selection, permitting and auditing.

Working as part of a larger project team Terreco Environmental can assist the project engineers in initial site selection by identifying potential environmental “fatal flaw” characteristics for anyone considered site.

We have successfully assisted numerous clients with the NEMWA application process for the establishment of new waste sites.

As stated above we offer ECO services during the construction phase of projects. Those include any required monitoring services during waste site establishment.

Integrated Waste Management Plans

Terreco Environmental cc provides a variety of services in connection with waste management ranging from strategic waste management planning, identifying sites for municipal landfill development; municipal services assessments; undertaking the license application process, as supported by EIAs; and waste recycling feasibility assessments. We have worked on large-scale regional to communal land fill sites as well as developing a pilot integrated waste management strategy for rural schools for solid waste and sewage; and assessing the waste stream for a waste to energy project in Southern Africa.

Our staff are members of the Institute of Waste Management South Africa.

Independent Technical Reviewer

Providing Independent technical reviewer services where such a service has been requested by another party (public or private sector). Activities will include reviewing documents produced by others to ensure they meet stipulated terms of reference, legislated processes and/or best practice.

Forest Permits

Applications for Forest Permits in terms of NFA including consultation with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to confirm their requirements and the completion of application forms on behalf of applicants for submission to DAFF.

Coordination of applications for heritage related permits in terms of NHRA

Facilitation of heritage related permits as part of EIA process. Heritage assessments are often required for both NEMA and DMR applications. We currently work with a number of such specialists and can assist potential clients with completing this process.

Integrated Environmental Management Plans

Terreco Environmental cc offers a one-stop solution for the full integration of environmental management principles into development projects via a cradle to grave approach.

We can assist with: Project Feasibility assessments to guide routes or site selections for given projects by undertaking Environmental Screening or ‘Fatal Flaw Assessments’; providing timely guidance on permitting processes and/or design options for reducing environmental impacts at the Concept or Preliminary Design Phase; liaising with pertinent authorities and undertaking the permitting processes including the EIAs; designing detailed Environmental Management Plans for implementation at the detailed design, construction, operation and/or decommissioning phases of a Project; assisting with Pre-Construction activities where Conditions of authorisations, and so on, require the compilation of additional management plans before construction can commence (e.g. Plant Rescue Plans); and providing ECO services.

Terreco Environmental cc also offers services for undertaking audits of ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, acting as an independent review for decision-makers or contract awards; assisting with strategic planning processes (such as municipal tourism planning) and preparing Environmental Management guidelines and manuals.

Some of our ongoing projects where we have provided ‘cradle to grave’ support include: the proposed development of a ring road on the N2 at Butterworth and Dutywa; the upgrading of tourism facilities on the Ntafufu River, Port St Johns and the Eastern Beach Sewer Upgrade, East London.


Environmental Management Systems

Preparation of Environmental Management Systems in terms of ISO 14001 requirements for private and public sector organisations and independently auditing Environmental Management Systems in terms of ISO 14011.

Environmental Guidance

Preparation of Environmental Guidance on EIAs and general environmental management whether for a specific sector (e.g. the transport sector, eco-tourism or airport developments), a specific organisation (public or private sector) or for individual or an area-wide application.