Local Environmental Impact Company lends a hand on Nahoon Beach

It is something that we see less of nowadays, especially in the grips of a winter snap which is making its way across the country. Local environmental impact assessment business, Terreco Environmental, based in Berea, chose to spend their Thursday cleaning up Nahoon Beach. The team at Terreco are a committed bunch both to the society in which they live and in keeping the beauty of the Eastern Cape alive.

“We felt it was our duty and responsibility to assist in clearing the beach,” Director Louise Jupp said of their World Environment Day mission. “Each year we try and do something to make a difference in this special day and this year it was cleaning the beach.”

Nahoon Beach Clean Up
Local Environmental Impact Company lends a hand on Nahoon Beach

The team at Terreco Environmental filled a large number of refuse bags with rubbish and even cleared a large tyre from the beach. “We see this as a team building exercise,” said other Director Duncan Scott. “Everyone gets involved as we are all very passionate about the environment and the impact we as people have on it. By contributing in this way we hope that we are able to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and create better conditions for everyone.”

The Directors at Terreco Environmental are hoping to instil a positive sense of Corporate Social Responsibility within not just their business but also the local society as a whole. “If we can get everyone to do their bit by leading the way then we have started a positive impact revolution so to speak, which can only bode well for the future.”